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Natasa Burnett will be showcasing some of her paintings in person at the Contemporary Art Show, which is located at the Exhibit at Art San Diego.

The show will be November 3rd through the 6th.

Please come visit us at Booth 423-E. 

Click the following link for ticket information:





Natasa Burnett, born in Paris, lived in Geneva, Switzerland for 20 years before coming out to the United States to continue her pursuit of artistic knowledge.

In Switzerland is where her passion for art first began. After attending the Geneva University of Art and Design, she continued her work independently, working on private commissions within various Galas and private showrooms.

Once she moved to the states her artistic journey flourished, and Amerikan Skull was born. Within months of conception, Amerikan Skull was contracted to paint several pieces for Babmar’s Modern Outdoor Furniture showroom. A few pieces have also been displayed at the San Diego French America School’s Gala.


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